Но мы остаемся в России, и теперь нам особенно нужно ваше участие для продолжения работы - поддержать.

Help transgender people in Russia

We, the team of Center-T, want the world to become warmer and friendlier. So that people who find themselves in a crisis situation can get help and support. So that healthcare is available to everyone. So that every city has a space where people can feel safe.

But all this is impossible only with volunteer efforts - Center-T needs your financial assistance in order to change the world for the better.
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Where the funds raised will go:

Offline meetings
We have been holding monthly Plushie Cat meetings in Moscow since January 2021, gathering 80-140 people every month. It is necessary to pay for the work of the hosts, the project coordinator, rent of premises and security. Since May 2022, we have been helping with paying for the rent of spaces for other cities as well.
Mutual Aid Service
Our volunteers help trans people who find themselves in a difficult life situation in Moscow and Samara. The funds are needed to pay for the work of the service coordinator and to help people who apply. They can be in need for food, medicine, clothes, travel expenses, etc.
Information consultations
In the lower right corner of the site you can see a button - this is Murzik's information consultations. About 250 people a month use it to ask questions on transgender related topics. We need funds to pay for the work of our employee and the information platform.
Therapy groups and support groups
Transgender people who, due to circumstances, cannot pay the full cost for themselves, need the possibility of preferential attendance at therapy groups in order to receive psychological support.
We also hold online groups for relatives of trans people, for people with addictions, for members of our chats. These meetings are free of charge and we need to pay for the work of the hosts.
Chat project
This project has now united more than 4560 people from 63 cities and 24 countries. And it continues to grow. This is a huge number of people, for the work and organization of which we use a lot of resources. We need to pay for the work of employees who run the project and train volunteers, and for the work of a psychologist who helps resolve conflict situations and conducts group meetings of the team.
Shelter in Moscow
In April 2023, we opened Russia's first shelter for transgender people. This is an apartment that accepts up to 8 people in dire need of housing. These can be people who have become victims of transphobia and are fleeing persecution, and people who are in the city temporarily and are unable to pay for housing on their own. We need monthly payment for the rent of an apartment, the work of a coordinator, food and household expenses for the house.
Information materials
We shoot video interviews with experts and make texts and articles. Our goal is to make reliable information more accessible to people, and the stories of transgender people more visible. We also need to maintain our social media so that more people learn about our events. This work requires payment for an SMM specialist, illustrator, interviewer, videographer, editor.
Website administration
Our website consists of 165 pages containing information on 30 active projects. We receive about 2,000 requests per month through the site to join chats, groups, and make an appointment with specialists. About 25,000 people view the site every month. We need to pay for the work of employees involved in updating information on the site, eliminating technical errors and helping users connect between projects.
Technical costs
In order to conduct activities of Center-T, we need to pay for the installed online cashier, the percentage of the acquiring system used for transfers, the CRM system, the chat platform, the Zoom account for group meetings, printing our materials and booklets as well as merchandise for distribution at events and other technical expenses without which we will not be able to work.
Our Current Goals:
Our Own Place
We need our own permanent space in Moscow, where transgender people can safely gather every day, hold group meetings, come to consultations with specialists and work as well.
Meetings in Other Cities
Our network of chats unites 63 cities in Russia, and in many of them there are no LGBT+ organizations at all. Transgender people need their own space where they can hold monthly events, meet safely for tea parties and get to know each other.
Case Managers
We are often approached by people in difficult life situations who cannot independently get out of a crisis situation. Our volunteers and our shelter can help temporarily, but these people also need professional help from specialists who can draw up a plan for overcoming the crisis and help with its implementation.